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Leonardo DiCaprio(Getty/photo by Tibrina Hobson/WireImage)

Will Leonardo DiCaprio Do Justice to Leonardo da Vinci?

Leonardo da Vinci Biopic to Star Hollywood’s Leading Leo In an upcoming biopic, Leonardo DiCaprio is slated to star as Old Master Leonardo da Vinci. The project is based on a soon-to-be published biography written by notable author Walter Isaacson. Isaacson, whose book publishes in October, also penned the film fodder for Steve Jobs, starring Michael…

Bedroom II by Ben Fenske, oil painting, 35 x 43.

No Crisis Here, Look Elsewhere

Contemporary Figurative Artists Are Staking a Claim I roll my eyes every time I hear about representational and figurative art and realism being “imperiled.” Why? Because there are so many important representational artists painting right now. It’s almost offensive how people think legitimacy comes with the passage of time. History can be a great equalizer,…

Watercolor painting tips: Summer Haze by Jean Haines, watercolor painting. See how the abstract stems and leaves of these flowers are infused with a sense of play and freedom? That's what painting for the bin gets you!

Getting Trashed

Watercolor Painting Tips from the Bin I’ve heard of painting for yourself, for school, for work, but painting for the trash can?! Artist and instructor Jean Haines says it might sound odd but when you paint like it doesn’t “matter” all of a sudden you loosen up and just might produce your best art ever!…

From the Dominican Republic by Scott Burdick

Show Some Skin…Er, I Mean, Paint It!

For a Good Portrait Painting, It’s a Must! I remember when Mr. Nemerow, my very enthusiastic freshman biology teacher, launched into what, looking back, I’d best describe as a full-body fit about how the epidermis is our largest organ, accounting for the most real estate on our bodies. Even now I shudder a little bit…