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art painting | Early Autumn by William Cather Hook, oil painting.

8 Essential Painting Tips

Lists Are Great Things for Artists Sometimes I get list fever, and today this is one of those days. I have made a grocery list, a list of gifts I need to buy, and a list of artists I want to look up. The only list I haven’t made yet is my list of lists! But…

Dawn, Day, Dusk, Darkness

How a Watercolor Artist Paints Every Moment of the Day Plein air artists are the first to tell you that you can go back to the same paint site over and over again during different times of day and it is like being in a whole new place every time. Light does that! It can turn…

La Carmencita by John Singer Sargent, oil painting, 1890.

Oil Painting Lessons From John Singer Sargent

Why Not Learn from an American Master? I try and shy away from describing art in bombastic terms. It can become a slippery slope of flowery language with no real takeaways. But when I’m studying the works of no less than John Singer Sargent, phrases like tour-de-force and mind-boggling just sort of slip out. I…