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Yellow Sky by Anne Packard.

Painting This Uniquely American Place

Painting Cape Cod in the Summer America is a land of rich diversity that extends throughout our landscapes, cities, and regions. I’d say that one of the most distinctive places we have is Cape Cod. Now, being a born-and-raised Southern girl, I have always romanticized the northern coasts and beaches because they always look so…

Oil Painting by Ben Fenske.

No Crisis Here, Look Elsewhere

Contemporary Figurative Artists I roll my eyes every time I hear about representational and figurative art and realism being “imperiled,” because there are so many important representational artists painting right now. It’s almost offensive how people think legitimacy comes with the passage of time. History can be a great equalizer, but art that is meaningful…

A Quiet Lunch by Karen Nelson, 40×16, acrylic painting.

No One Stays in a Crowded Room for Long

Acrylic Painting in the Sweet Spot When I don’t get that “forced out” feeling when I look at an artist’s paintings, I sit up and take notice. I was reading about the acrylic art of Karen Nelson in the just-out Fall 2016 issue of Acrylic Artist, and something teased my brain after I looked at…

Red Coat Blue Mood by Bev Jozwiak, watercolor painting.

It’s an Excuse to Paint Umbrellas

Landscape Artwork That Isn’t Boring Are you as bored of pretty landscape painting scenes as I am? My eyes just seem to glaze over when I see landscape artwork that all looks basically the same: perfect sunlight over an idyllic countryside. I’m just not inspired. Give me a little atmosphere; throw in an unexpected color,…

Painting by Mark Messersmith

A Color Vortex

Mixing Colors Everywhere Looking at Mark Messersmith’s artwork is like being sucked into a kaleidoscope. The colors are bold, varied, and everywhere. It seems odd to say this. I mean, of course, there is color everywhere–it’s a painting. But what stands out about Messersmith’s work is that he isn’t mixing colors just because. The colors,…

Foxgloves by Jean Haines, watercolor painting.

Getting Trashed

Watercolor Painting Tips from the Bin I’ve heard of painting for yourself, for school, for work, but painting for the trash can?! Artist and watercolor painting instructor Jean Haines gives us her better watercolor painting tips for this and explains why working this way isn’t rubbish at all. Enjoy! The aim of being an artist…

Two Women with Still Life by Willem de Kooning, pastel and charcoal on paper, 22 1/4 x 18 3/4 in., 1952.

Do You Know All Your Lines?

Pencil Sketch Your Favorite Lines The artifice of line is one of the aspects of drawing that I am most in love with. The fact that we can take line—which doesn’t exist in the natural world—and create a pencil sketch or a formal work of art that looks incredibly real or full of fakery, depending…

Dans la crainte by Edwin Austin Abbey.

6 Tips for Color Mixing

Selecting & Mixing Colors An eloquent and unexpected use of color is often what divides beginning painters like me from the greats. But there are several basic rules of thumb that we can build on to propel ourselves and our paintings onto higher, more sophisticated ground, artistically speaking. With practice and attention, one of the…

The Desperate Man (Self-Portrait) by Gustave Courbet, 1843.

Must Be Monday…Must Be Friday

Must be Monday… Must be Friday… Must be Monday… Must be Friday… Must be Monday…   Must be Friday… Must be Monday…   Must be Friday…   Must be Monday… Must be Friday… Must be Monday… Must be Friday… Must be Monday…   Must be Monday… Save Save Save Save

Camille Przewodek's oil painting.

Wild But True: I Want to Paint Light

Painting Light in Nature Even now it sounds like a beautiful, incredible, impossible thing to accomplish. I mean, paint light? It seemed like magic to me at first. And I didn’t understand what it all entailed. That changed after I began studying Camille Przewodek’s work. Przewodek is a plein air painter and was a student…

Pastel painting by Jane McGraw-Teubner.

The Long, Hot Summer

Pastel Painting Advantages The light of summer is a powerful and extreme thing. Getting effects of extreme darks and stark, searing lights is not something every painter can do. There’s an acuteness of vision that must come into play to see the color that resides in the light as well. When I look at the…

Nancy Guzik painting

Helping Our Pint-Size Artists

Learn to Draw for Kids A couple of years ago I wrote an article about an education program that introduced modern art to children in a museum setting. After seeing the artwork, the kids then had the opportunity to make their own pieces. In the workshop, they acted like successful artists—fearless, opinionated, and not letting…