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Springtime Blues by Mark Haworth, oil painting.

How to Connect to the Landscape You Paint

It’s All About How You Mix Colors & Interpret the Details Sometimes it is difficult to put aside real-world stresses and tasks when it comes time to pursue our art. To-do lists, family matters, and social obligations crowd in, making it almost impossible to concentrate. One of the ways I clear my head is to…

Brass Samovar by CW Mundy, oil on linen, 30 x 24, 2007.

Classic, Commercial, and an Art World Constant

Paint Flowers to Get It All You don’t have to think terribly hard to figure out that the painting genre that has all of these characteristics in common is floral painting. It is a practice that has inspired artists to create beautiful, graceful paintings for centuries. But to paint flowers in a way that doesn’t…

Mitchell Long, Kitchen painting

Defy Expectations–See In a New Way

Use Composition & Perspective to Change It Up No matter the venue, the accepted rule of thumb is that a painting should always be hung just above eye level. As a result, many artists create paintings with this point of view. That means perspective and composition become even more important if an artist wants to…