Artist Daily Videos

Artist Daily videos come straight from the artists and instructors you want to learn from. Covering figure drawing and anatomy, landscape painting, and more, you will find these clips to be a great place to start any kind of painting or to simply draw inspiration from as you work in your studio. Enjoy!

The Knee: Figure Drawing

Figure Drawing: The KneeThis is the free 13 minutes long version of the 1hour 14 minutes long video lecture on figure drawing the knee. The knee is a meeting point between the upper and lower leg. As such, it performs a huge role not only as a weight bearing system, but also as a center-point…

Upper Leg: Figure Drawing

Upper Leg Figure Drawing This is the free 10 minutes long version of the 1 hour 35 minute long video lecture on the upper leg in figure drawing. The upper leg is the largest shape in the lower body. It is closely tied to pelvis. An important concept introduced in the full lecture is the…

The Pelvis: Figure Drawing

Figure Drawing: The Pelvis This is the free 13 minutes long version of the 1hour 33 minutes long video lecture on a figure sketch of the pelvis. The pelvis is yet another large mass in the human body and just like the rib cage, it contributes greatly to the concept of construction of the figure.…

Rib Cage: Figure Drawing

Figure Drawing: The Rib Cage This is the free 10 minutes long version of the 1hour 32 minutes long video lecture on a figure sketch of the rib cage. Since it is one of the largest forms in the human body, it's importance in terms mass in a figure drawing is incredible. Positioning, orientation, proportion and thrust…

Painting the Arctic

This is the trailer for artist and filmmaker Cory Trepanier's documentary, Into The Arctic, which catalogs the artist's three-month journey to paint the Canadian Arctic. Cory Trepanier is an artist/filmmaker with a passion for capturing remote wilderness regions on canvas. His current Into The Arctic project has seen him undertake three extensive excursions to the…

500 years of women in art

500 Years of Female Portrait Painting in Art

Philip Scott Johnson took portrait painting depictions of women spanning 500 years of Western art and assembled them into this incredible animation video. It makes you realize how many amazing portrait artists are out there and how beautiful and powerful their work is–and has been–for centuries. Enjoy! Click here for a complete list of artists…

bob ross

Bob Ross–Remixed

Bob Ross was known for his painting workshop television show, Joy of Painting, in which he delivered step by step painting instruction in a soft-spoken and incredibly supportive manner. Here’s a remix of a video, Happy Painter, recently put out by PBS. Enjoy!

Jam Painting by Allison Maletz

Alright readers.  Looking to jam out with the kids?  Check out this step by step portrait painting of these two little munchkins.  Allison Maletz is a gifted watercolor artist, and we can't wait to see what she does next.  more videos please!

Part 06: The Portrait with David McLeod

Learn from realist painter David McLeod as he teaches you how to take a portrait from start to finish in this in depth workshop series.  McLeod takes you into the foundation of painting to create a realistic portrait.