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Artist Daily brings you fun and inspiring art videos found on the web. See virtuoso artists do amazing things with their drawing abilities, some fan favorite videos of Bob Ross, clip vids that give you a sense of art history, technique videos from artist-instructors, and more.

The Colorist

“It has nothing to do with thinking, it has only to do with feeling.” Artist Eva Deustch Costabel has been using color to express her emotions for over 60 years. A classically trained painter from Zagreb turned Abstract Expressionist provocateur under the tutelage of Franz Kline, Eva continues to create work from her studio in…

500 years of women in art

500 Years of Female Portrait Painting in Art

Philip Scott Johnson took portrait painting depictions of women spanning 500 years of Western art and assembled them into this incredible animation video. It makes you realize how many amazing portrait artists are out there and how beautiful and powerful their work is–and has been–for centuries. Enjoy! Click here for a complete list of artists…

bob ross

Bob Ross–Remixed

Bob Ross was known for his painting workshop television show, Joy of Painting, in which he delivered step by step painting instruction in a soft-spoken and incredibly supportive manner. Here’s a remix of a video, Happy Painter, recently put out by PBS. Enjoy!

robot portrait painting

Robot Portrait Artists Are Taking Over!!!

Could this be true?  Well  not yet, but artist Patrick Tresset has made a robot that will draw your portrait.  Luckily it doesn’t do nearly a great a job as some of our artists out there, but maybe you should be a little nicer to your Roomba this week just in case.

The Bob Ross of his time – Jon Gnagy.

Do you remember Jon Gnagy!?  He was the Bob Ross of his time.  Or should I say Bob Ross was the Jon Gnagy of his time.  He brought the art of drawing into America’s living rooms way back before I was even a glint in my mother’s eye.  Enjoy this clip as he shows us…