Artist Daily Videos

Artist Daily videos come straight from the artists and instructors you want to learn from. Covering figure drawing and anatomy, landscape painting, and more, you will find these clips to be a great place to start any kind of painting or to simply draw inspiration from as you work in your studio. Enjoy!


The Colorist

“It has nothing to do with thinking, it has only to do with feeling.” Artist Eva Deustch Costabel has been using color to express her emotions for over 60 years. A classically trained painter from Zagreb turned Abstract Expressionist provocateur under the tutelage of Franz Kline, Eva continues to create work from her studio in…


Painting a Rainy Day in Acrylic with Mike Barr

Mike Barr demonstrates a rainy-day acrylic painting on board. Main colors Atelier Acrylics: Black (yes black!), white, pacific blue, vermillion, raw sienna and cad yellow. Music is by kind permission of Mike Howe. See more Mike Barr works on his art blog. Video production by Stewart Barr.


Facial Features: Figure Drawing

This facial features figure drawing session finishes off the course series. It talks about the four defining facial features: the eyes, the nose, the mouth, and the ears. The construction, anatomy, and correct placement of these not only by themselves but also in relation to each other will greatly assist in drawing a portrait and capturing the likeness…


The Skull: Figure Drawing

The skull usually provides a challenge for most who are learning to draw figures. The knowledge of the skeletal structure and muscles is absolutely essential to render the head successfully in a figure drawing. The only way to draw a head is through thorough knowledge of the bony and muscular structures. Instructor bio: This video is from…


The Neck: Figure Drawing

Anatomically, the neck provides the connection between two large masses in the body–the rib cage and the head. Therefore, its successful rendering of the neck will greatly contribute to the accurate relationship of these two masses in figure drawing. For that same reason, the neck is also a greatly expressive tool when considering the content of…

drawing the hand

The Hand: Figure Drawing

The hand is in general considered, along with the foot, to be one of the hardest features of the human body to depict in a figure drawing. The reason for this however is usually a lack of knowledge of massing, which is crucial when it comes to drawing human figures. With so many parts to the…

drawing the lower arm

Lower Arm: Figure Drawing

Depicting the lower arm in a figure drawing can get tricky because of the two bones it has, the radius and ulna. There is a significant amount of information that needs to be considered in order to render the lower arm successfully in a figure sketch. Especially considering the supination / pronation motion and the muscles involved…

drawing the upper arm

Upper Arm: Figure Drawing

The upper arm is closely related to the shoulder girdle and they support each other in the human anatomy, not only in terms of construction and mechanics, but also in terms of expression, and should be shown as connected in any human figure drawing. The flow of shapes and overlapping forms continues from one to the other,…

drawing the shoulder

The Shoulder: Figure Drawing

The shoulder, or more accurately the shoulder girdle, is one of the most versatile tools an artist has in the figure drawing toolbox. The reason for this is the anatomical set up of the girdle. A semi-independent construction on top of the rib cage, it has only a few parts and not too many muscles, but the…

drawing the foot

The Foot: Figure Drawing

The foot, together with the hand and face are considered to be one of the hardest areas of the human body to depict in a figure drawing. In the case of the foot it is the number of “moving parts” that make it appear to be difficult to draw. However, your figure sketch will come together as…

painting the arctic plan

Arctic Painting–The Plan

Trek Research is a clip from Cory Trepanier’s Into The Arctic video journal series, where the artist shares about how he used Google Earth as a research tool for deciding where to go paint in the Arctic wilds. Read more about his adventures in the Plein Air Blog. Cory Trepanier is an artist/with a passion…

drawing the lower leg

Lower Leg: Figure Drawing

The Lower Leg: Figure Drawing This is the free 13 minutes long version of the 1hour 09 minutes long video lecture on lower leg figure drawing. The lower leg is fairly simple to conceive as a cylinder with various widths along its length. Part of the lecture focuses on muscles and muscle groups which, if massed…