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If you’re ready to advance your skills as an artist but not sure where to start, we’re here to help. Our editors have picked the best books, DVDs, downloads and kits for every kind of artist. Just click through to your speciality and you’ll find a discount code to go with our recommended products.



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For Beginning Acrylic Painters

Painting with acrylic paint is a gift to yourself as an artist. Beginning acrylic painters as well as more advanced artists know that the medium gives you the ability to express yourself fully while offering so many conveniences and eases of use. In this article, you’ll find four must-have resources for those just starting out with painting acrylic: plus a discount code!

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For Painting Beginners

A beginner painter need only learn and refine a handful of painting techniques to be well on his or her way toward being an advanced painter. It is the confidence with basic painting instruction and an understanding of the methods that are used that will allow you to evolve into a painter that can create landscapes, portraits, still lifes, and more.  

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For Beginning Oil Painters

You can grow by leaps and bounds if you focus on just a few oil painting tips and techniques that will shed light on what the oil painting basics truly are. These can then be utilized as the foundation for more sophisticated and complicated oil paintings! 

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For Beginning Watercolor Painters

The perfect balance in the best watercolor paintings is always struck between absolute freedom and absolute control, but beyond that there are several key watercolor techniques that every painter should know, so here are 10 tips for watercolor painting beginners that will propel you forward with confidence and ease.

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Learn Painting From Photographs

The art of photo reference can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. These resources will teach you how to draw a picture from a photo and then paint over your lines for photo-realistic artwork. After you learn from these downloads and books, your friends won’t be able to tell your painting from photo work!

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Learn Color Theory

You’ve probably seen a paint color wheel before, but do you know how to apply basic color theory to your work? There’s no need to mess up mixing colors again after you learn from the resources our editors suggest for those unfamiliar with how to mix colors and the color mixing chart.

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Learn Landscape Painting

Landscape art is a perennial favorite amongst all kinds of artists. Whether you’re completely new to this niche or you’re looking to expand your skills, our editors have chosen a great resource for you. Click through to see their picks and corresponding discount codes exclusive to landscape artists.

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For Beginning Drawers

Artistic freedom always wins out above all else, so it is no surprise how popular learning how to draw is. The ability to know how to draw means you can transform every aspect of your life into art. All you have to do is learn how to see the world around you in a new way and use the drawing tools at your disposal to make it happen!

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For Intermediate Drawers

So you’ve already got the basics of drawing down? Great! Improve your work with these time-tested techniques that will help you master perspective. Grab a discount code and get ready to level up your artwork.

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Learn Perspective Drawing

The ways and means of perspective drawing were discovered more than 500 years ago, and yet the ways of linear perspective are constantly being used and revitalized by artists working today.

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Learn to Draw People

Drawing people is one of the most challenges aspects of the craft, and you’ll be hard-pressed to master the niche without wise guidance. There’s so much information out there that it’s difficult to know what to order, but fortunately, our editors have laid out their picks on essential resources at great prices.

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