Workshop, Summer 2009


On the Cover:
Diego Larguia helps a student with her
painting during a recent workshop in
New Orleans.

William Jameson: The Elements of a
Great Workshop

Gavin Brooks: Painting What You
Learn and Observe in Nature


Russell Vujs: 10 Tips on Painting Marine Subjects in Oil With Accuracy and Atmosphere
by M. Stephen Doherty
During recent workshops on Cape Cod, Russell Vujs showed students how to paint realistic water, skies, and boats in ways that capture a convincing sense of light and atmosphere.

Diego Larguia: 15 Tips on Learning to Paint in Oil
by M. Stephen Doherty
Simplifying the painting process makes it easier to work and make judgments about color mixing, paint application, and edge control. Here’s how Diego Larguia does that in classes on still life and landscape oil painting.

Ann Manry Kenyon: The Direct Method of Portrait Painting
by M. Stephen Doherty
Using the direct, or alla prima, method of painting allows an artist to continually develop and refine a portrait while the oil paint is wet, but it is a performance that requires an artist to be well prepared and keenly focused. Florida artist Ann Manry Kenyon often demonstrates her techniques of drawing and direct painting from life in workshops and in filmed programs.

William Jameson: The Elements of a Great Workshop (Available Online)
by M. Stephen Doherty
During a recent workshop in the Lowcountry of South Carolina, William Jameson provided instruction in plein air oil painting, but he knew it was just as important to offer encouragement and direction to students while they enjoyed the experience.

Robert Liberace: Capturing the Energy and Expressiveness in Great Drawings and Paintings
by M. Stephen Doherty
The goal of Robert Liberace’s workshops, classes, DVDs, and museum tours is to help students understand how figures can be drawn and painted in such a way that they express a dynamic sense of action. He points to great works created throughout the history of art, especially those made during the Renaissance in Italy.

Qiang Huang: Myth Buster (Available Online)
by Kim Carlton
This Texas oil painter shatters multiple myths—including the notion that artists are myopic and single-minded. Qiang Huang helps workshop participants learn how to draw, how to paint, and how to sell their work using modern technology and traditional painting methods.

Gavin Brooks: Painting What You Learn and Observe in Nature
by Michelle Morton
Maryland artist Gavin Brooks recently conducted an informative plein air painting workshop at Stratford Hall, the home of Robert E. Lee, on the banks of the Potomac River, in Virginia.


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