Workshop, Fall 2009


On the Cover:
Diego Larguia helps a student with her
painting during a recent workshop in
New Orleans.

Tony Pro: Seeing the Color of Light

Kerry Dunn: Condensing Instruction
for Part-Time Students


Bryan Mark Taylor: Using the Safest Oil-Painting Materials & Techniques
by M. Stephen Doherty
Because his studio is in the home he shares with his wife and young children, Californian Bryan Mark Taylor changed his working methods to use the safest oil-painting supplies and techniques. He recently showed a group of workshop participants how they might also minimize their exposure to solvents, mediums, and pigments.

Stephen Cefalo: 10 Concrete Solutions to Figure-Painting Challenges
by M. Stephen Doherty
After studying with top realist painters and teaching in several art schools, Stephen Cefalo is now establishing a community of dedicated artists in Arkansas. He recently began teaching workshops during which he shares his knowledge and experience and fosters connections between painters.

Andrea J. Smith: Expand From a Limited Palette and Focus (Available Online)
by M. Stephen Doherty
In the new atelier she opened in Rome, Andrea J. Smith teaches students to use a limited palette of colors when painting exactly what they see from a measured distance away from the subject and the easel.

Steve Huston: Capturing the Rhythm of Gesture
by Michael Zakian
By breaking the figure down into interrelated shapes, patterns, and relationships, Steve Huston showed his workshop students how to capture the living, breathing rhythm of the human form.

Tony Pro: Seeing the Color of Light
Michael Zakian
In a recent workshop in California, portrait and figure painter Tony Pro showed students how to better observe and understand the qualities of both natural and artificial light and how to turn those observations into appropriate color choices on their canvases.

Clayton J. Beck III: Using Color Charts to Control Color Selection, Temperature, and Value
by M. Stephen Doherty
During a recent workshop in Vermont, Clayton J. Beck III showed participants how to make color charts and use them to find the right combinations of oil colors to more accurately represent the appearance of a model holding the same pose each day.

Kerry Dunn: Condensing Instruction for Part-Time Students
by M. Stephen Doherty
Artists who are not able to take advantage of full-time educational programs can participate in workshops in which teachers offer condensed versions of a school’s or atelier’s valuable instruction. Kerry Dunn recently conducted such a workshop at Studio Incamminati, in Philadelphia.


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