September 2009


On the Cover:
An Autumn Obi (detail)
by Claudia Seymour, 2004, oil on linen,
20 x 16. Collection the artist.

Still Lifes That Connect Memories

Attract More Attention to Your


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New Papers for Printmaking, Drawing, and Watermedia Painting (Downloadable PDF Available)
by M. Stephen Doherty

Several new lines of papers have recently been made available to artists who are finding that the colors, surfaces, qualities, and versatility of those new products offer new possibilities and resolve challenges.

The Sublime and the Beautiful: Painting the Hudson Valley (Available Online)
by John A. Parks
In honor of the 400th anniversary of Henry Hudson’s voyage, the art community prepares to celebrate the extraordinary history of painting along the Hudson River.

Still Lifes That Connect Memories
by M. Stephen Doherty
New Hampshire artist Robin Frisella uses pastels to create paintings of cherished objects. The stories of the still life objects’ roles in the family histories of her collectors inspire the artist and establish emotional links between the paintings and collectors.

Asking & Answering Questions to Direct the Painting Process
by M. Stephen Doherty
Mary Britten Lynch refers to her creative process as one of “due process,” by which she means there are steps she must pursue in order to finish a painting to her satisfaction, including asking questions and responding to the answers

Attract More Attention to Your Landscapes
by M. Stephen Doherty
After spending years listening to people who visit his booth in outdoor shows, Scott Coulter has developed a clear understanding of how potential buyers respond to his acrylic landscape paintings—and what motivates them to purchase his woodland scenes.

Creating Movement in a Still Life (Available Online)
by Linda S. Price
Whether painting in oil or pastel, Connecticut artist Claudia Seymour avoids static compositions by using line, color, and design to move the viewer’s eye through the painting.

Telling a Story with Casein: The Paintings of Michael Ananian
by John A. Parks
This artist has developed a rich and lively figurative style to weave together complex and highly entertaining narratives.


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