October 2010

On the Cover:
First Light at Yellow Banks,
Santa Cruz Island (detail)

by David C. Gallup, 2010, oil, 8 x 10.
Private collection.


Materials Roundup: Acrylic Paints & Products
by Bob Bahr
New acrylic paints and products have expanded the possibilities of the medium. We asked several contemporary artists to try out some of these new materials, and this is what they had to say. 

The Life and Practices of the Artists’ Colony
by Michael Gormley
A restless summer during my youth led me to The Cape School of Art and its rich tradition of instruction. It is but one example of America’s artists’ colonies, which provide instruction and support for artists looking to advance their skills.  

The Hamptons Studio of Fine Art: An East End Artists’ Colony for the Ages
by Allison Malafronte
James Daga Albinson’s recently opened Hamptons Studio of Fine Art and its attendant artists are 
starting a new chapter in the storied history of 
painting on Long Island’s East End.  

Nature’s Masterpieces: An Artist Captures the Uncharted Beauty of California’s Channel Islands
by David C. Gallup
Over the course of five years, I’ve been able to turn my love for the Channel Islands into a series of paintings that has resulted in a national museum tour, a 160-page book, and a documentary film of the project. Here are the conceptual, creative, and business strategies I employed to make this vision a reality.

Memory & Myth: The Paintings of Andrew Wyeth
by John A. Parks
Making a private world into a public treasure.


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