October 2009


On the Cover:
Meandering River (detail)
by Scott Christensen, 2009, oil,
48 x 48. Private collection.

Intuitive Painting

Arranging & Painting Meaningful
Still Lifes


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This special section on plein air painting features an article on the history of the plein air movement, interviews with two top landscape artists, tools and tips, and a resource list of plein air organizations and retailers.   Download the PDF here.

Arranging & Painting Meaningful Still Lifes
by James A. Metcalfe
Delaware artist Frank Trefny chooses to paint objects rich in aesthetic appeal to emphasize the frailty of beauty surrounding us. 

Intuitive Painting
by M. Stephen Doherty
Colorado artist Dan Beck doesn’t spend time planning his oil paintings because he prefers to dive into the creative process and react to what is happening. “I’m interested in responding emotionally to the subject, not in executing a detailed plan,” he says. “And if that approach forces me to deal with unexpected challenges, then it is more like everyday living.”

Find the Best Format for Acrylic Landscapes
by M. Stephen Doherty
Bruce Peeso uses either long horizontal or tall vertical formats when he is painting acrylic on panel. “The unusual dimensions serve to emphasize the peacefulness of the landscape,” the artist explains. “The space is really the subject, not the man-made structures that often appear. Collectors respond to the feeling of the landscapes and the connections to their memories.”

A Different Kind Of Portrait
by Linda S. Price
Sandra Bloodworth turns an artist’s eye toward creating visually inspiring meals and table settings, then capturing the essence of those meals on canvas. To her, these paintings are portraits.

3 Proven Ways to Start Watercolors Outdoors (Available Online)
by Collin Fry
Michigan artist Jim Johnson offers valuable hints for successful watercolor painting outdoors.


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