May 2010

On the Cover:
Chrysanthemums  (detail, reversed)
by Patricia Watwood, 2008, oil, 15 x 18.
Collection the artist.

Seeing & Painting Beyond the Obvious


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Special Report: Art Supplies Are Going Green
by Daniel Grant
Art-supply manufacturers are making efforts to provide greener products. Artists themselves, however, still bear the biggest responsibility for being green, by disposing of their waste materials properly.

Seeing & Painting Beyond the Obvious
by Allison Malafronte
According to Carolyn Anderson, painting is a combination of technique and creativity driven by visual interpretation. She contends that learning how the eye and mind process visual information develops a deeper understanding that, in turn, leads to the discovery of a personal visual language. 

Contemporary & Classical
by John A. Parks
Oil painter Patricia Watwood places a bygone style in present-day contexts.

When Relative Value Is the Only Issue in Watercolor
by  M. Stephen Doherty
E. Gordon West turned the limitation of color blindness into an asset by effectively composing watercolor paintings based on the value range he can clearly identify. 

Using Right Practices to Paint Better
by Bob Bahr
Colorado oil painter Joshua Been simplifies aspects of his painting process so that he can spend more time working at the crucial parts of making a picture: value, shape, edges, and texture.

Pat Walker: Still Lifes in the Mississippi Delta
by John R. Kemp
This painter’s rich, bold still lifes explore abstract shapes and light in an attempt to create balance, harmony, and rhythm.

Rediscovering Nature With Landscape Painting
by  M. Stephen Doherty
Colorado artist Jeannie Breeding always enjoyed being out in nature, but it wasn’t until she discovered landscape painting, first in watercolor and then in oil, that she really knew how to express that joy.


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