May 2009

2009 American Artist Digital Collection

On the Cover:
Cupids Ascending the Silver Ark (detail)
by Peter Adams, 2009, oil, 20 x 24.
Collection the artist.
One of the more notable paintings from the
California Art Club’s 98th Annual Gold Medal Juried Exhibition. 

Four Exercises & 10 Commandments
of Watercolor Painting

Studio as Setting:
The Paintings of Scott Noel


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The Appropriate Environment for the Display and Storage of Artwork
by Gregory D. Smith, Ph.D., and James F. Hamm
The old rules about setting the optimum levels of heat and relative humidity in a museum, gallery, or studio have been replaced. New research about the impact of those environmental conditions offers better ways to preserve works of art.

Studio as Setting: The Paintings of Scott Noel
by Ephraim Rubenstein
Through the careful orchestration of figures and still life objects, this Philadelphia oil painter uses his studio as the setting for both natural and metaphorical scenes.

Four Exercises & 10 Commandments of Watercolor Painting
by M. Stephen Doherty
Californian Stephen Harby learned to paint in watercolor as part of his education in architecture, but eventually his passion for painting on location consumed most of his time and creative energy. He now takes students through a series of exercises and gives them clear directions so that they can be successful in exploring the medium.

Respond to What Paintings Need (Available Online)
by M. Stephen Doherty
Mary Sipp-Green bases her oil landscapes on sketches, memories, and imagination, and she makes careful notations about color combinations that capture her feelings about a particular time and place. Nevertheless, there is a point in the creative process at which she has to “get out of the way” and let the painting suggest the best ways for it to be finished successfully.

Turn Paintings Into Heat-Transfer Prints
by James A. Metcalfe
After completing her large-scale oil paintings, Ohio artist Phyllis Seltzer creates heat-transfer prints of the images, one section at a time.

Reflections on a Pond: An Exploratory Series on Light and Atmosphere (Available Online)
by Allison Malafronte
Kevin Macpherson spent five years documenting the small pond behind his Taos, New Mexico, home to challenge himself to paint the same subject at various times of day and in different seasons. The resulting “Reflections on a Pond” exhibition and book reveal Macpherson’s artistic journey through this project, as well as his thoughts on capturing a sense of place.

Four Important Lessons Every Artist Should Learn
by Gregory Strachov
Florida artist Gregory Strachov encourages painters to find their own style through developing skills, deciding what it is they want to say, and finding their unique voice.

Expand Your Landscape Painting Horizons
by John R. Kemp
Florida artist and teacher Mark Messersmith avoids following the old rules of painting, instead opting for a wide-open, more imaginative approach to his landscapes.


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