June 2009


On the Cover:
Still Life With Butterfly (detail)
by Suzanne Eisler, 2007, oil, 13 x 14.
Collection the artist.
This painting was the winning entry in
the 2009 American Artist Cover

Is Richard Schmid the Most Powerful
Influence on Painters Today?

Capture a Sense of Place With
On-Site Travel Sketches


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SPECIAL SECTION: 6 Top Pastel Painters Share Materials & Techniques

by M. Stephen Doherty
Look closely at detail photographs of paintings by top artists, and learn how the pastels are built up in layers on a variety of surfaces.

(Downloadable PDF)

Cover Competition Winners Announced (Available Online)
Artists from across the country submitted their work for consideration in the 2009 American Artist Cover Competition. After an extensive selection process, Suzanne Eisler’s Still Life With Butterfly was chosen as the winning image. It is presented here, along with artwork from the nine other finalists.

Injecting Sophisticated Drama: Painting Skies and Coasts With Delicate Brushstrokes (Available Online)
by John R. Kemp
Gulf Coast oil painter Susan Downing-White has a found a way to depict warmly illuminated skies and coastlands using light strokes and a muted palette.

Capture a Sense of Place With On-Site Travel Sketches
by Gerald F. Brommer
Without sufficient time to create full-scale paintings on location during a recent trip to Europe, I relied on graphite and ink sketches to capture the essence of the scenes we visited, adding watercolor washes once back in my studio.

Telling Stories Based on Dreams, Experiences, and Friendships
by M. Stephen Doherty
Taking advantage of the disciplined training she received in the United States and Russia, Tennessee artist Melissa Hefferlin develops drawings, pastel paintings, and oil paintings about the people and events of her life.

Making Dynamic Portraits in Acrylic
by John A. Parks
New Jersey artist Matt Cauley uses a delicate acrylic technique to build powerful form and richly varied color in his larger-than-life portraits.

Is Richard Schmid the Most Powerful Influence on Painters Today?
by M. Stephen Doherty
This month, an exhibition of paintings by Richard Schmid and 12 award-winning artists he mentored is on view in New York City. We asked several of those artists to explain how Schmid has influenced them through his teachings, friendship, and art.


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