July/August 2011

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22 The Amazing American Circus Poster
by James Duncan
The iconic images found within circus posters have delighted and enticed “children of all ages” to escape to the Big Top for more than a century.

26 Getting Away: Trailer Parks, Road Trips, and Other Summer Escapes
by Naomi Ekperigin
Artists Robert LaDuke, Scott Yeskel, and David Lyle take different approaches to creating playful yet mysterious images that capture the nostalgia of American pastimes.

38 Quietly Fantastic: The Landscapes of Philippe Charles Jacquet
by Austin R. Williams
This French artist reaches just beyond the real to depict magical locales that resemble a mixture of fantasy, nostalgia, and summer daydreams.

42 A Well– Rounded Approach to Floral Painting
by Bob Bahr
A lifetime of experience and an assortment of painting tools have given this Connecticut artist the recipe for a successful painting career.

50 Water Ways
by Courtney Jordan
Artist Matthew Cornell has made a career out of studying weather patterns, ocean tides, and river beds, and his work reveals that conveying the power of water is all about making waves.

56 John Dowd: Provincetown’s Favored Son
by Michael Gormley
Painter John Dowd finds endless inspiration in this legendary seaside retreat, and his portraits of the local landscape reveal the many sides of American vacation towns.

60 Paul Resika: A Painters’ Painter
by John A. Parks
This prolific artist’s lengthy career has taken him on a journey through a wealth of motifs and a variety of styles.

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