July/August 2010

On the Cover:
Tang Dynasty Steed (detail)
by Alberta Geyer, 2008, oil, 24 x 20.
Courtesy The Hearle Gallery, Chatham,

Combine Watermedia & Pastel for
Inspired Results


Winners of the 2010 Cover Competition
Hundreds of artists submitted entries to the 2010 American Artist Cover Competition, and we are pleased to announce that the winning image is Alberta Geyer’s Tang Dynasty Steed. That painting, as well as artwork from the nine other finalists, is presented here.

Inhabiting Nature: Painting the Figure in the Landscape
by Michael Gormley
Classical artist Nicholas Hiltner, an instructor at the Grand Central Academy of Art, recovers the Old Master process for creating traditional figure-in-the-landscape paintings.

Exploring Familiar Scenes for Deeper Content
by John A. Parks
The compelling vision of Hudson Valley artist Todd Samara draws on roots firmly planted in a well-known locale.  

Combine Watermedia & Pastel for Inspired Results
by James Metcalfe
New York City based artist Janet Cook layers pastel over bright watermedia underpaintings to create scenes that hum with life

Morgan Weistling: America’s Artist
by Allison Malafronte
In his paintings of early American pioneer life, California artist Morgan Weistling reflects his deep level of commitment to the creative process while detailing the simple beauty of our country’s humble beginnings.

How to Express Content With Fewer Brushstrokes
by  M. Stephen Doherty
While studying the great artists of Cape Ann, Massachusetts, David A. Lussier learned to develop plein air landscape paintings that identify the atmosphere, light, and mood of a scene without depending on tedious details.


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