July/August 2009


On the Cover:
Tea Still Life (detail)
by Daniel James Keys, 2008,
oil, 24 x 30. Collection the artist.

A Visual Journey of Insight

Best Professional Practices for
Dynamic Still Lifes


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3 Exercises & 20 Steps to Painting Rhythmic Figures in Watercolor
by M. Stephen Doherty

Janet Rogers is one of the most popular watercolor instructors because she demonstrates ways to effectively capture the personality, vibrancy, and attractiveness of people and flowers. In her workshops and DVDs, she shows students how to relax, have fun, work intuitively, and still get satisfying results.

Creating Large-Scale Studio Landscapes
by Edward Minoff

I recently completed a large-scale seascape in the style of the Hudson River School artists. Here is a look at the inspiration, preparatory work, and approach that brought the project to fruition.

Best Professional Practices for Dynamic Still Lifes
by Bob Bahr
New Jersey oil painter Joe Gyurcsak helps students understand how using a limited palette and keeping things simple makes for a painting that looks unified and convincing.

How to Triumph in Spite of the Odds (Available Online)
by M. Stephen Doherty
Emerging artist Daniel James Keys couldn’t enroll at an art school, but he used every other available means to educate himself as an artist, to connect with other painters, and to promote his artwork. His experience proves that with determination, support, and computer savvy, artists can make significant progress.

Painting the Feel of Your Neighborhood, in Pastel
by Molly Siple
Los Angeles pastelist Nancy Popenoe finds fascinating architecture just by looking out her kitchen window or by painting nearby in her parked car.

Self-Portraits: A Visual Journey of Insight
by David A. Leffel
David A. Leffel’s new book Self-Portraits: A Visual Journey of Insight offers an intimate look at the artist’s approach to self-portraiture and insightful reflections on the many moods and motivations behind these personal expressions. We present an excerpt of that book here.

Emerging Artist: Lindsay Goodwin
by M. Stephen Doherty
This gifted young painter won the American Artist Emerging Artist Award in the 98th Annual California Art Club Gold Medal Exhibition.


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