January 2010


On the Cover:
Sunflowers I (detail)
by Patricia Tribastone, 2007, pastel on
prepared board, 24 x 18. Collection the artist.

Drawing Upon Local Community & Landscape

Painting My Hometown From Photographs


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Weekend With the Masters Review 

Imagination, Atmosphere, & Design: Winslow Homer at Houghton Farm
by John A. Parks
A recent exhibition showed that when he reached a creative crossroads, the great American artist achieved new heights in sketching and painting.

Compose & Paint: Varied Landscapes With Acrylics
by M. Stephen Doherty
When Jeanette Chupack moved from Vermont to Florida and became an avid kayaker, she had to adapt her acrylic-painting procedures to respond to the complicated, repetitive patterns she observed along the waterways of the Sunshine State. 

Draw the Ephemeral Qualities of  Real Phenomena
by M. Stephen Doherty
Katina Huston responded to her fascination with cast shadows by creating a series of drawings on Mylar using mixtures of ink and acrylic medium.

Painting My Hometown From Photographs
by Stephan Hoffpauir
After Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, I returned to a series of paintings of the unexpected aspects of the city’s urban spaces. It was an act of devotion and remembrance and a way of celebrating what survived but may soon be lost. 

Drama and Sensitivity in Pastel
by James A. Metcalfe
Patricia Tribastone explores the properties of pastel to create pieces that are both powerfully dramatic and quietly sensitive.

Drawing Upon Local Community & Landscape
by Molly Siple

Fellowship with other artists and strong ties to the land and sea in his area have strengthened the artwork of Southern California artist Stephen Eugene Mirich.

Mood Over Minutia
by Bob Bahr
Oil painter Kim Cogan captures the atmosphere and mystery of atypical scenes through careful treatment of light and color. 


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