February 2010

On the Cover:
Winter Glow (detail)
by Neal Hughes, 2008, oil, 16 x 20.
Collection Dr. Pat White.

Blending Traditions of Still Life Painting

Representation & Invention in Watercolor


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The Spiritual Side of Painting
by M. Stephen Doherty
New Jersey artist Neal Hughes uses his considerable artistic skills as an act of celebration and testament, and he is rewarded with inspiration that helps him make creative decisions that elevate his oil landscapes.

Blending Traditions of Still Life Painting
by M. Stephen Doherty
Arturo García was influenced by great Spanish masters and trained in academic styles of drawing and painting. He now paints still lifes as celebrations of the beauty, sentiment, and function of the objects he selects. 

Representation & Invention in Watercolor
by James A. Metcalfe
New Mexico artist Tom Perkinson has an approach to painting that he calls “romantic realism,” whereby he uses both representation and invention to capture the dramatic, emotive beauty of his beloved local landscape.

Joseph Bonomo: The Journey to Becoming a Better Artist
by Allison Malafronte
Primarily a self-taught artist who had to chart his own course through the mercurial world of fine art, this Colorado painter has encouraging advice to offer other artists who are equally passionate about growing in skill and understanding. 

Accessing Universal Patterns With Acrylic Paintings
by M. Stephen Doherty
As Michigan artist Paul Nehring moves thick mixtures of acrylic paint and gel medium over stretched canvases, he accesses forms and colors that are common in many cultures.

6 Top Pastel Painters Share Materials & Techniques
by Molly Siple

The choice of firmness and range of colors of pastels, as well as the surfaces on which they are applied, will influence the style and appearance of one’s finished paintings. Here’s what top professional artists use in creating their work.


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