Artist of the Month: Anthony Waichulis, Trompe l'Oeil Master

Anthony Waichulis, who hails from Pennsylvania, has established himself as one of the premiere trompe l'oeil painters in America.











The Late Addition
Oil on Masonite, 8 x 10.
Art Illusion
Oil on Masonite, 16 x 20.

Anthony Waichulis, who hails from Pennsylvania, has established himself as one of the premiere trompe l'oeil painters in America. From the first moment he saw the genre's extreme realism, he recalls, he was mesmerized. "When I was in college I took my first trip to The Metropolitan Museum of Art, in New York City, and saw the trompe l'oeil paintings of William Harnett, John Peto, and John Haberle. I was overwhelmed by the way these paintings were so filled with technical precision and clever guile. I was so taken with the style that I knew immediately it would be the genre I would pursue without pause."

His work – tight, crisp, and flawless – has appeared in dozens of exhibitions across the country and has earned him nearly as many awards. In 1997, Waichulis founded The Waichulis Studio, a traditional atelier for students of realism, where he currently serves as head instructor. Students of The Waichulis Studio have gone on to receive numerous awards and many have achieved national recognition.

Waichulis's painting methods, like his teachings, are traditional. "I mass in dark values as anchors and build up to the lights," he explains. "Refinement consists of augmenting halftones to enhance form and removing brushstrokes for rendering purposes." His subjects, however, can tend toward the unconventional. Along with more traditional still-life subjects, such as fruit and flowers, quirkier subjects such as playing cards, currency, game pieces, and old-fashioned memorabilia often find their way into his work. "I collect antique and weathered subject matter that carries a great deal of visual narrative. Trompe l'oeil endeavors present me with new challenges each day."

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