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Nelson Shanks in the natural north light of his home and studio in Philadelphia.

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The Proper Disposal of Supplies, Solvents, and Waste
by Daniel Grant
Artists savor many things, including sketches, correspondence, studies, frames, and art supplies. Although there may be available space to store some of those treasures, many others must be discarded to maintain studio safety and cleanliness.

The Well-Equipped Studio: A Custom Guide to Proper Studio Practice

Tales from the Studio
by M. Stephen Doherty
Over the course of his long and distinguished career, Nelson Shanks has painted in palaces, embassies, corporate offices, living rooms, art schools, the White House, and historic spaces occupied by the ghosts of great artists. As long as the light was good and the space adequate, he was able to create major works of art.

Historical Studios of Master Artists
by Stephen May
Across America, dozens of studios once belonging to master artists have been preserved and are open for artists to visit and learn from. Among them are the historical studios of Thomas Cole, Jasper Cropsey, and the Wyeth family.

Making Small Compromises in Paradise
by M. Stephen Doherty
Artists move to Hawaii for the temperate climate, clean air, inspiring scenery, and friendly art community. In exchange for these pleasures, they have to accept the higher costs of studio spaces, art supplies, and travel back to the mainland

  • Jim Lynch
  • Anita Marci
  • Philip Sabado
  • Wanda Russell
  • Carmen Gardner

Light, Open Space, & History in New Mexico
by M. Stephen Doherty
Four nationally known artists have either adapted or built studios in the style of those used by early-20th     century painters and printmakers.

  • Joan Potter
  • P. A. Nisbet
  • David A. Leffel & Sherrie Mcgraw

A Rare Look Inside Private Spaces
by M. Stephen Doherty
Professional artists from across the United States opened their private studios to American Artist Studios magazine.

  • Sam Knecht
  • William Chambers
  • William A. Schneider
  • Michael van Zeyl
  • Heide Presse
  • Carl J. Samson
  • Ruth Ann Sturgill
  • Ruth Ann Greenberg
  • Christine Ivers
  • Gerald Simcoe
  • Arthur Egeli
  • Luana Luconi Winner
  • Deborah Chabrian & Edward Martinez
  • Sharon Abshagen

Studios for the Serious Pursuit of Art Education
by M. Stephen Doherty
Anthony Ryder and Ryan S. Brown rent spaces in New Mexico and Utah, respectively, where their students 
    follow a progression of rigorous, intensive courses in drawing and painting.

  • Anthony Ryder
  • Ryan S. Brown


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