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20    The Art of the American Twenties, Part 2: 
Exploring America
by John A. Parks
In our second look at the Brooklyn Museum’s current exhibition “Youth
and Beauty: Art of the American Twenties,” we consider several
movements and ideologies that informed some of the most
accomplished artists of this era.
26    Shaping the City
by Austin R. Williams
John K. Harrell layers on the acrylic paint in order to represent
the vitality of urban landscapes.
34    No Babes on Sheets
by Courtney Jordan
The figures in Martha Erlebacher’s paintings are a good-looking bunch,
but loaded as they are with symbolism, allegorical narrative, and
humanist themes, they go far beyond classical ideals of the human form.  
40    Will Barnet, Walter Kuhlman, Burton Silverman:
Three Painters Visualize the Real World

by Michael Gormley
The paintings and prints of these three artists suggest some of the
grand possibilities for contemporary artists working in different
strands of realism.

52    Patricia Watwood: Myths and Individuals
by James Duncan
Through her exploration of myths and spiritual journeys,
Patricia Watwood finds individual narratives that 
the human search for truth in the 
modern era.

58    The Nerdrum Affair
by Allison Malafronte
In response to the recent prison sentence of Norwegian artist
Odd Nerdrum, American Artist is revealing some of the facts of
the trial and giving several of his contemporaries an opportunity
to voice their opinions. 












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