American Artist Highlights: Guide to Painting Flowers, Fall 2011

Paint balance, harmony, and rhythm into your still lifes with the guide that shows you how

Discover a collection of some of our best articles on painting floral still lifes in oil and watercolor, as well as pastel, colored pencil, and graphite.

Learn classical techniques with an inspiring guide that shows you how to create stunning pieces with ease and confidence. Make your colors sing and enhance your process-top contemporary masters of today show you how.
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  • Learn to paint passion into every still life with instruction from Guido Frick on how to relax and trust your instincts when capturing landscapes.
  • Create stirring florals that come alive with tips to creating pieces that are dynamic and exude action.
  • Accurately transfer what you see to canvas-Ellen Buselli emphasizes the importance of observation and understanding the nature of color and light.
  • Find out why Patricia Tribastone chooses pastel as her go-to medium to create evocative floral still lifes.
  • Capture the "intangible personality" of a still life subject as though you were painting a portrait with advice from instructor Jason Bouldin.
  • Take on a master's process for rendering even the most difficult florals-learn to discern the different shapes within and still create a unified composition.
  • And more!

Challenge yourself with more complicated arrangements and develop the confidence to take on more complex forms with advice to capturing roses and delphiniums. Enhance your ability to capture the effects of light and shadow that will bring your setup to life on paper with this visually striking guide.

Transform simple reference photographs into beautiful works of art with a master's approach to colored pencil paintings. Take your talents to new heights with the guide you are sure to revisit again and again.

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