Keiko Tanabe Gallery

In the Summer 2009 issue of Watercolor, we presented artwork by Keiko Tanabe that featured subtle washes and minimal detail (read the article here). Here we present additional artwork from the artist. To view her website, visit


Marseille St-Charles, France
by Keiko Tanabe, watercolor, 14 x 21.
Collection the artist.
River Cruise, Kyoto, Japan VI
by Keiko Tanabe, watercolor,
8 1/4 x 11 1/2. Private collection.


River Cruise, Kyoto, Japan V
by Keiko Tanabe, watercolor,
21 x 14. Private collection.
Roma, Italia XI
by Keiko Tanabe, watercolor,
21 x 14. Collection the artist.


Sarlat, France I
by Keiko Tanabe, watercolor, 21 x 14.
Collection the artist.
Journey Home IX
by Keiko Tanabe,
watercolor, 29 x 10 1/4.
Private collection.

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2 thoughts on “Keiko Tanabe Gallery

  1. what i love about keiko’s work is the deceptive sense of calm and ease – in each piece, there are beautiful passages of wet in wet atmosphere, lost and found edges, dry brush technique, all within brilliant compositions of subject, color and value. these are not easy paintings to do i’m sure – she just makes it look that way