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In the November 2009 issue of American Artist, we featured artist John Evans, whose evocative and compelling oil paintings emerge from a long process of struggle, overpainting, layering, sanding, and soul-searching. Here, we feature additional images from the artist we were unable to fit in the print magazine.


Field With Plum Sky
2008, oil, 13 x 22.
Collection the artist.
2008, oil, 24 x 36.
Collection the artist.


Beach With Moon and Heavens
2008, oil, 72 x 60.
Collection the artist.
Very Quiet
2008, oil, 60 x 48.
Collection the artist.


Fantasy Field
2008, oil, 48 x 60.
Collection the artist.
2008, oil, 20 x 24.
Collection the artist.


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Brian Riley is the managing editor for the American Artist family of titles (American Artist, Watercolor, Drawing & Workshop) and has been part of the AA team since 2003. He first became interested in art as a child, specifically drawing, but drifted away from the visual arts as he grew older, gravitating towards writing while in college. His position at AA has offered him the opportunity to reinvigorate his early passion and continue his education.  

6 thoughts on “John Evans Gallery

  1. John,
    I love the peaceful quality you achieve with your paintings. Looking at them brings me a feeling of deep serenity. I especially like “Beach with Moon and Heavens” which has an alomost spiritual quality. Beautiful work!
    Tanya Mikaela

  2. I think the careful design, pre-planning and hours or improvised exicution of these paintings results in such a calming and planned for effect. Regrets I do not have the energy for pre-planning and need to get right to work – but how I admire and am in awe of those who can. Beautiful.

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    Here creativity appears because it transmits the viewer to a live wall sculpturing through the reflected light on work, so it gives unreal deepness (sight Illusion).
    The artist used this new technique that was originated by nature since 1982 in his earliest shape until it reached spontaneously to what it is now.
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