American Artist: Everything You Need to Know About Plein Air Painting

On the Cover:
Deb Painting Spring Creek (detail)
by Edward Martinez, 2006, oil, 22 x 14.
Collection the artist.

Jim Wilcox: Western Landscapes

Using Plein Air Sketches, Photographs,
Research, & Imagination to Create
Studio Paintings

Plein Air Past: From Europe to America

The History of the Plein Air Movement
by Allison Malafronte    

Plein Air Pioneers
by John A. Parks    

The Arrival of French Impressionism in America: California’s Golden Years
by Jean Stern    

Plein Air Present: American Artists & Their Regional Subject Matter

Lynn Gertenbach: California Landscapes & Seascapes

by Molly Siple    

Kevin Macpherson: A New Mexico Series
by Allison Malafronte    

Jim Wilcox: Western Landscapes
by Bob Bahr    

Calvin Liang: California Harbor Scenes
by Molly Siple    

Jacob Collins, Nicolas Hiltner, Edward Minoff, & Travis Schlaht: Hudson Valley Landscapes
by M. Stephen Doherty    

American Plein Air Painters Abroad: Educational Excursions

Gerald F. Brommer: Capture a Sense of Place With On-Site Travel Sketches
by Gerald F. Brommer        

Rob Liberace: Learning From the Masters in Ireland
by M. Stephen Doherty        

Ross Merrill: In the Steps of Winslow Homer
by M. Stephen Doherty        

Andy Evansen: Plein Air in China
by Andy Evansen        

Timeless Plein Air Approaches: Using On-Site Studies & Sketches for Studio Work

From the Site to the Studio With PAPA Members
by Bob Bahr        

Using Plein Air Sketches, Photographs, Research, & Imagination to Create Studio Paintings
by Steve Armes        

Take the Outdoors Into the Studio
by M. Stephen Doherty       


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