Landscape Painting Techniques: Painting Light and Shadow in Your Landscape Art

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Using Sketches, Photographs, Research and Imagination to Create Studio Paintings

For Steve Armes, the goal of landscape painting is to paint stirring images that engage and inspire viewers, and this is more likely to happen when he uses information from a variety of sources.

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Morning Shadows in Tuscany, the On-site Sketch

Armes conducted a painting demonstration during a recent workshop in Italy, where he showed his students how he creates
an on-site sketch that serves as the basis for a larger studio piece.

Tips for Landscape Oil Paintings

13 Tips for Outdoor Painting Success

Watercolor landscape painting artist Joseph Bohler believes in being fully present during a painting session, which is one reason he likes landscape painting so much. He even occasionally uses a recorder to capture the sound of the water or nearby horses, and he will scribble in a journal to note the smells, temperature, or how he feels at that moment. He takes photos, but it is abundantly clear that he is truly in his element while painting outdoors. Being physically present while painting landscapes does infuse the painting with life, but landscape painting on-site has its challenges—not the least of which is all the information present outside of a reference photo. He recommends spending sometime taking in the surroundings, before setting up.

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Bunkhouse on Horse Creek

Landscape watercolor artist Joseph Bohler liked the building in this scene but thought the background was a bit busy. So, during this landscape watercolor painting workshop he demonstrates how to capture the essence of the scene by eliminating half the trees and much of the detail in the background. Throughout this demonstration he covers how to paint light, dark, and accents that lead the eye thorough the painting.

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Landscape Oil Painting Demonstration

To begin this demonstration landscape artist Chris McHenry referred to the oil study and photographs from the subject he selected, to carefully draw the outlines of the landscape elements he wanted to include in the landscape oil painting. Since Chris is painting in his studio for this demonstration, he is able to develop many more details in the scene. After he covers the entire canvas with oil color, he went back into sections of the landscape to add refinements and subtle transitions of colors and values.

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Both artists share their secrets for working through the painting from start to finish. Whether you are painting light, shadow, detail, or background, you will find the perfect way to complete your painted landscape artwork.


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